Who is the winner of America’s longest war?

Near the water motor, hundreds of men and children stood. Was trying to fix an electric pump. He went nuts for half an hour, but the pump couldn’t recover.

He had come to this town from Kabul to fix it. The event became interesting and curious for children. But when the pump was not right, he got bored and started playing. For the elderly, but the pump was not good. Now they had to carry the water of the river enclosed in pus on their donkeys or shoulders to reach their lands.

They had been working hard for centuries. Sadly, modern science and technology accomplishments also did not remove their worthlessness and demeanor. This town is only 25 km from Kabul, Afghanistan’s capital. Called Musashi. The district is the headquarters of the district by that name. There are thirty-five thousand Afghan settlements in the district. The river Sheena flows and irrigates the fields. But excluding the handful of the elite, 99% of the Afghans living there are poor, illiterate and have no basic access to life. They spend their time growing vegetables or livestock. Life is in the West. However, they cannot play any role in the development and prosperity of the country

Memorable win

 A peace deal between the US and the Afghan Taliban was reached. The two forces have been together for the past eighteen years. In a sense, the deal became a victory for the Taliban because the US, despite being a global superpower and possessing sophisticated weapons, could not defeat even the weakest anti-missile force. The Taliban’s victory and victory are not merely the result of a magnificent guerrilla war, but some of the factors behind it are hidden.

Knowing them, the Pakistani ruling elite can also learn valuable lessons of governance. The first key to the success of the Taliban is that almost all of their leaders and workers are not corrupt, utilitarian, and luxury. Secondly, they took over the government for the welfare of the people, not to enrich themselves and to provide benefits. Being sincere and public-friendly with its purpose, the Taliban, despite their toughness, made the Afghan people famous. And with the support and help of the people, the Taliban had the golden opportunity to dance to the politicians, generals, and government officials of the most economically powerful country like the United States and not let them succeed in their ambitions. Due to the popularity of the people, the Taliban stepped into the battlefield and became closer to victory. The story of this memorable victory is fascinating and fascinating.

The Afghan people have been living under the umbrella of the system for centuries. They are divided into different tribes whose chiefs decide daily affairs and make all decisions. Since most of the chiefs were Pukhtoons, any powerful person in them would become the ruler of Afghanistan. Although he had problems with minority Tajiks, Hazaras, Uzbeks, etc., who complained that the Pashtuns did not do justice to them in important matters. Pushed them into civil war. It’s in 1978. Taking advantage of the civil war, the Soviet Union occupied Afghanistan. When she left in 1989, ancient tribal differences began to emerge, as civil war broke out among Afghan groups. As in the past, the Jabaja tribal chiefs in Afghanistan have established small states and will rule in a dictatorial manner. Gradually, the noble chiefs normalized child molestation.

In 1994, Mullah Mohammad Omar made an appearance in Kandahar Province. He was a seminary teacher. They did not see the oppression of the chiefs over the helpless masses. They formed an armed group of forty-five students and stood up to boast of vicious warlords. They killed many corrupt local chiefs. Seeing their bravery and courage, the poorer Afghans called for their help. Not only that, students from other madrassas also met Mullah Omar. The number of his colleagues reached thousands. It was then that Mullah Omar decided to implement the Islamic system thereby purifying Afghan society from social evils. His troops were called “Taliban” because the majority of the seminaries were students. In September 1996, the Taliban conquered Kabul.

By 1998, they had established their Islamic government at 90 percent of Afghanistan’s territory. The Taliban ended poppy cultivation by declaring it un-Islamic. Thus, not only in Afghanistan but also in Pakistan, the drug curse has dropped significantly. However, the Taliban are accused of being religiously strict. Especially in the case of women who want to adopt stringent rules and want them locked in their homes. Al-Qaeda’s chief Osama bin Laden had become his ally during this time. When the incident took place on 9/11, the United States declared Osama bin Laden the culprit and attacked Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, only twenty-five days later. The Taliban were not able to compete with the US military force and were scattered.

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