The British Deputy Minister of Health also suffers from the Coronavirus

London: British MP and Deputy Minister of Health Nadine Doris also succumbed to the Coronavirus.

So far 383 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in the UK, out of which 18 people have recovered while 6 have died.

According to the British Broadcasting BBC, the British Minister of Health, who has met with hundreds of people, has confirmed that he has tested the Cod-19, which has yielded positive results.

 Nadine Doris is the first political figure in the UK to be infected with the virus.

The 62-year-old British Health Minister was diagnosed with the illness on Friday but Cody-19 was diagnosed on Tuesday night, after which he confined himself to the house. He also met Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his pregnant wife.

During this time, not only did he meet several MPs, but he also attended an event held in his constituency on Saturday.

 Now a list of all the persons, including the MPs, is being prepared and tests will be conducted for those who have been diagnosed with the virus.

In addition, Nadine Dorries confirmed the virus in his tweet, saying that 84-year-old mother is also living with him and he is having a cough which will be tested by his mother.

It should be noted that the Coronavirus has reached 115 countries of the world, which has so far killed 4,298 people worldwide and 66,621 people have been recovered from a total of 19,221 affected patients.

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