Increased coronavirus deaths reported in Los Angeles County

Los Angeles (CNS)-Public health officials announced today that two more people died from coronavirus in Los Angeles County, with an additional 128 positive cases confirmed, bringing the total to over 530.

Details about the patient who died were not immediately available. Los Angeles County has 536 COVID-19 cases, with 128 new cases, the largest daily jump count to date.

Dr. Barbara Ferrer, head of the county’s public health department, said 42% of patients were between 18 and 40 years old and 80% were between 18 and 65 years old. He emphasized numbers to bring home the point that illness can affect anyone of any age, young people who are generally more difficult to understand the need for a social distance even. People with underlying health problems and pregnant women can suffer serious consequences from infection with the coronavirus, and the threat of being diagnosed with the disease extends to all ages. Younger patients may experience mild symptoms but may transmit the disease to people who may become more seriously ill.

County and city officials once again stressed that the number of cases will continue to increase as evidence becomes available. Ferrell said that about 10% of those screened in the county tested positive for the disease.

In line with these policies, David Ryu of the City Council of Los Angeles has announced that the city and county have reached an agreement with the Korean company Seegene Technologies Inc. to provide 20,000 new tests for coronavirus. Medical professional. Ryu said the 20,000 tests are the first to be expected as a large contract capable of providing 100,000 tests a week to Los Angeles. These tests are published free of charge.

“In response to this pandemic, the United States is lagging behind other nations,” said Ryu. “… We have to act ourselves. Los Angeles is not going to wait. Los Angeles is working with manufacturers around the world.”

“… This is only the beginning. To face this crisis, there is still much to be done from government to academy to the private sector, and everyone needs to participate.”

Meanwhile, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has announced that his agency will provide 250,000 N95 masks to drug providers in Long Beach for distribution to hospitals throughout the county. He said an additional 125,000 would be provided to Los Angeles police and other law enforcement agencies.

County and city officials once again emphasized the need for people to comply with social distance requirements and to comply with the obligations of the “safer home” order issued last week. Regulations have been tightened over the weekend in response to the continuation of large gatherings on the beach, especially on the Venice waterfront and hiking trails.

“Seriously, people need to be separated from society. We see many people behaving as if there is no crisis. They carry viruses, have no symptoms, Or cause adverse effects on other people, “said Long Beach. Mayor Robert Garcia wrote on his Twitter page over the weekend.

Earlier orders banned meetings of more than 10 people, but a revised wording issued over the weekend banned “all public and private meetings and events, indoors and outdoors.”

People who go shopping or do important work should be at least 6 feet away from others. Residents can walk, hike, or ride a bicycle, but not large groups. The Saturday enhanced order also revealed that the golf course and grooming services, including nail salons and beauty salons, were non-essential services and were closed. The request can be found online at

It requires “closing all indoor shopping centers and malls, all flea exchanges and markets, all indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and all non-essential businesses.”

Businesses that are considered mandatory and are allowed to continue operating include hardware stores, repair shops, media, banks, laundry, dry cleaners, and pet stores.

Authorities have stated that the order has been modified to more closely reflect the latest order.

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