Can peace establish in Afghanistan after military withdrawal ??

After an 18-month long dialogue between the US and the Afghan Taliban, a peace agreement was signed in Doha’s capital, Doha. According to the agreement, US troops will leave Afghanistan in 14 months, the Taliban will have to cut ties with all terrorist organizations.

Not all extremist organizations, including al-Qaeda, ISIS, will be allowed to use Afghan soil. More than 5,000 Taliban prisoners and more than 1,000 Afghan prisoners will be released, following which negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban will begin.

In 135 days, 8,000 US troops will be stationed in Afghanistan in the next nine months. There are currently about 14,000 US troops in Afghanistan, and if NATO forces are talked about, the number 17,000. Seeing the importance of this deal, the US-based Taliban agreement and its territory on the “Express Forum” A discussion was held on the topic “Impact”, in which experts from foreign affairs, political and defense analysts expressed their views. Conversations in the forum are dedicated readers.

(Foreign Affairs Minister)

The US signed a deal with the Taliban in Doha, as well as an underhand approach to the Afghan government. America did different things with the two. The US has been defeated in Afghanistan but wants a fee saving, for which the Taliban has contracted that US troops will be out of Afghanistan in 14 months. The deal is important. The first point is the US military withdrawal, and second, the Taliban, al-Qaeda and other organizations will not allow it to be used against the US.

The Taliban and the Afghan government initially disputed the issue of the release of 5,000 prisoners. In Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States came up with national construction, the establishment of institutions, economic recovery, and other slogans, but all claims were backed up and after Iraq, now it is leaving Afghanistan and leaving it.

Elections took place in Afghanistan five years ago, after which both Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah were claiming Victor, after which the United States gave the power-sharing Kanya formula and the two formed a government together. Now, in the elections that took place just a few months ago, both Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani have said that I am the president, so there should be talks with someone. We were under pressure from the United States to end the Haqqani network. These facts were published in an American newspaper, they were discussed, and then Trump talked to them for 20 minutes on the phone, so we must understand US policies. The Afghan Taliban is being tasked with establishing peace and implementing the agreement.

Until I see warlords from Afghanistan, powerful groups of criminals and powerful groups, peace cannot be established in Afghanistan. After the US Taliban agreement, it is important to see how much space the Taliban will be given to the Afghan army and police. There are issues of ethnic groups in Afghanistan, how to resolve the issues there.

Imran Khan praises Trump, we have to be careful with Trump and America. Given the future situation in Afghanistan, we should join regional countries, talk to China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, help the Afghanistan constitution to have a serious and comprehensive dialogue. Until the Federation is formed in Afghanistan, the problems will not be solved. The US has once again done mischief and the burden will be on the region.


(Defense Analyst)

American history is not good in terms of compliance with treaties. The example of Vietnam and Syria has come to the fore and something similar is happening in Afghanistan now. The US has no idea what direction Afghanistan will go. Will, there be an Islamic government or will there be another system? It was incomprehensible for the US to go to Afghanistan, and it is impossible to go from there. Point 1 of the 4 points of the treaty will be implemented soon and it is a US military withdrawal, while the responsibility of working on other points has been placed solely on the Taliban, so they are facing difficulties.

The chances of winning the Intra-Afghan dialogue are slim. The ethnic and sectarian divide between the Afghan government and the Taliban is high. For the past several years, both have been fighting and killing each other. The Tehreek-e-Taliban Afghanistan has fought a long war against the Afghan National Forces and the Afghan government and is now being asked to resolve their own issues. It is impossible to solve such a staggering problem on your own, it requires a facilitator who can guide them and lead them to the solution. There is a point that is ignored. The Taliban and the National Unity Government want a separate system of government.

The Taliban is Islamic Sharia while the Afghan government wants a secular parliamentary democratic system. They have now been told that the two sides should agree on a system of government. The question is, who will celebrate the two extremist groups? How will the Taliban agree on a secular system or will the Afghan government agree on the Islamic Sharia system? To me, this is an unnatural and irrational agreement. The US is trying to enforce the Taliban agreement on those who are not part of the deal.

This is why the first controversy has come upon the issue of the release of prisoners, and more problems will be revealed over time. As long as the US and Pakistan in this case, to me

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