About Us

Winkells is an online marketplace connecting brands, entrepreneurs and life essential stores with buyers across Pakistan. Our platform is ideal for consumers looking for a variety of products under one roof. For convenience and comfort, we’ve designed a state of the art user-friendly platform.


“Our vision is to create easy, happy and carefree shopping lifestyle by being most trustworthy customer centric company where people believe to get finest quality products, worth every Rupee”.

Goals & Objectives

Customer Experience: We aim to understand and measure all our Customer and Seller expectations in order to provide enhanced services. Our aim to make an easy and hassle-free environment.

Accessibility: We strive to ensure that no Customer or Seller is unable to use, or is disadvantaged towards our products or services. We consult regularly to review their needs and requirements.

Customer Communication: We clearly set out information about our services & Policies. For any queries a chat option with our Customer Service Representative is available. We answer all correspondence including chat sessions, phone calls and emails in a professional, timely and efficient manner.

Quality Control: We continually work to deliver services of the highest quality by using our efficient approval system at every stage.

Core Values

Winkells Seven Wonders are workplace values which are the guiding principles. We use these deeply held principles to choose between right and wrong and also help us make important decisions and choices. These Core values set the tone for our company's belief and identify what our organization as a whole cares about. This is our culture that we are proud of. Beyond our products and services, our Core Values make us one of a kind. It’s our reputation, the qualities people think of when they think of us. This is why people would want to join this family and support our mission.

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